Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial building inspection by certified  professional commercial building inspector is the primary service we offer to purchasers of commercial buildings including industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings, apartment buildings, retail commercial strip plazas, gas stations, industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, motels, office buildings, restaurants, and commercial condominium retail units in Lower mainland region, BC.

Whether you are purchasing your first commercial property or an experienced investor who owns several buildings, purchasing a commercial property is a very important financial commitment. Since the repairs and/or replacement of a major component on a commercial building like the roof, HVAC, paving can be costly, knowing the actual condition of the building is very important.

We provide expert commercial building inspection services serving Lower mainland and surrounding areas with more than 10 years of commercial building inspection experience. Our certified professional commercial building inspector performs as per  ASTM Standard E 2018. Our professional commercial building inspector uses state of the art diagnostic tools and equipment for non-invasive analysis. Our expert commercial building inspector provides an overview of the condition of the major components in the buildings and property including all accessible Structural Frame, Building Envelope, Roofing, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Electrical, Life Safety & Fire Protection, Interior Elements, Site Topography, Storm Water Drainage. Ingress & Egress, Paving, Curbing & Parking, Landscaping & Appurtenances and Utilities(Water, Electricity, Natural Gas).

Our professional Commercial Building Inspectors are dedicated to continually upgrade their knowledge and education by attending professional educational commercial building inspection seminars, conferences and meetings, every year. Our professional commercial building inspector will identify immediate and long-term necessary repairs and provide recommendations for remedial actions and the costs associated with it.

Our commercial property inspections are strictly followed by the ASTM 2018-E standard. Our Property Condition Assessment process can be thought of as four key elements:

  • Document review and interviews
  • A Walk-through survey
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • The Property Condition Assessment report preparation

Our service coverages for the below types of commercial properties:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Retail store
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment Buildings (residential)
  • Special purpose buildings


Triple Net: In a triple-net lease, you are responsible for the upkeep of the building. For a new building with a short-term lease, this is not typically a concern; however, for buildings over ten years old or for long-term leases, the building condition and cost of upkeep are concerns.

Pre-lease inspection: You, as a landlord of a commercial building may request the inspection to obtain documented evidence of the condition of the building before leasing it out. We can serve both the lessee (occupant who pays the rent) and the lessor.

The lessee may request the inspection to ensure the building will be suitable for their needs and to protect themselves from claims by the landlord that they damaged or failed to maintain the building.

Post- lease inspection: This is similar to the pre-lease situation, but the lessor wants to determine the condition after the triple-net tenant leaves.


Pre-purchase: We are all familiar with this situation. A person, a group of people or an organization is about to purchase a building and want to know the condition before purchasing. Your report provides purchasers with an idea of the costs involved with owning the building in the short term. Reports are often used to negotiate the purchase price.

Pre-sale: More recently, sellers are having their buildings inspected to eliminate last-minute negotiations.

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